Defeating road rage.


You’re sitting in your car at an intersection, and the person in front of you won’t go. No, they are determined to let every car on the road go by before they creep timidly out of the intersection, then just as you are about to push down on the accelerator, they stop again to wait for the next vehicle to travel a mile and cross in front of them before they finally go. And so you blow your horn like a crazy person and then they slow down and look at you confused, and then continue driving slowly just for spite.

And after that, a bully just speeds out of the side road ahead of you, head held straight like they don’t see you. And you have to jam on the brakes. Suddenly you feel like you’ve just turned into a raging lion and you just want to get out there and shake them up and give them a good few pieces of your mind. Ah! Road rage! Well, for the sake of peace and my own blood pressure, I’ve come up with a way to defuse my anger when I’m on the road.

First of all, just imagine that you do drive up to pass that bully, and you realize…. it’s your Uncle Joe! Haha! Crazy Uncle Joe. Now are you still mad? Of course not! That’s just how Uncle Joe drives. So you shake your head and wave and go your merry way. It makes a big difference when the offender is someone we know rather than some random stranger, isn’t it?


So what you do is this. Just pretend that every slow moving driver out there is your relative.  So there, it’s just your sweet old grandma who smells like Vicks and used to sneak you biscuits before dinner. There she is in her silver hair, hunched over the wheel, peering into the windshield, just trying to get to the supermarket while those scary drivers rush by. “OK, grandma.” you say. “Don’t let anybody rush you, you hear? Take your time and drive. I will follow behind you until you are OK.” Right. See how much better that feels than cussing two bad words? After all, that person in front of you, really is probably somebody’s beloved grandma, you know.

And then, when a bully squeezes ahead of you, just laugh and say “But see my crazy Uncle Joe there! Always in a hurry. What we going to do about him. Don’t let police stop you, Uncle Joe!” And just like that, the road rage has vanished. Because if you think about it, we are all connected. That pain in the butt may not be your Uncle Joe. But he is likely somebody’s.

Seriously now. Try it!

About Theresa C Givans

I was born and raised on the rock, that is, my awesome island home, Jamaica. I currently reside in the cool hills of Mandeville, where I spend my time writing fiction, blogging, and hanging out with my husband and three children who keep me laughing every day.

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  1. In Greece you’d never be able to do that. Mainly because your relatives probably already drive like maniacs or like turtles having a narcoleptic attack. To the point that road rage has become such an everyday thing that drivers curse each other with the most offensive vocabulary almost in a tender manner. Sometimes I miss that in London…

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