Building my blog. Building the world.

This week I did something that I had no idea how to do a week ago. I set up a blog. Within a very short time, I learned how to purchase a domain name and choose a reliable host for my blog, as well as how to set up and configure it to my satisfaction. Luckily, I got help every step of the way. I was assisted by countless persons who held my hand, answered every question, and gave me excellent advice. And all these people were and continue to be strangers to me.


Upon reflection, I have come to realize that people have a natural inclination to help each other. I know that there are many who are using cyberspace with malicious intent, but I believe that there are a far greater number of persons who are just happy to assist, advise and uplift, by sharing what they have learned, and what they know.

Each time someone creates a how-to video on youtube, writes a review on a product, creates an inspirational blog, or uses the myriad of other methods available to share their knowledge, expertise and opinion, I see someone helping someone.

If I decide to purchase an item online – say, a lamp – there are innumerable persons who will steer me to the best deals, the most reliable supplier, and the highest quality lamp, as well as warn me away from a potential scam. Now, in the grand scheme of things, buying a lamp is not a terribly significant activity, but this wholesale inclination that people demonstrate of looking out for each other’s best interest gives me hope for the world.


I have encountered my share of thieves, liars, cheats, and people who are just plain out to get you. I have been overwhelmed with awareness of the vastness of suffering and cruelty that exists in the world. But I still believe that the world is tipped towards the positive, and that those with good intentions do outweigh those with bad ones.

When we share what we know, it gives us all a chance to learn from each other’s mistakes, and only good can come from such a thing. So thank you to everyone who helped me build my blog, and here’s to us all making the world a better place.

About Theresa C Givans

I was born and raised on the rock, that is, my awesome island home, Jamaica. I currently reside in the cool hills of Mandeville, where I spend my time writing fiction, blogging, and hanging out with my husband and three children who keep me laughing every day.

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