Aeron Cargill – Illustrator and Photographer

Aeron Cargill - illustrator and photographer

Aeron Cargill – illustrator and photographer

Aeron Cargill is an illustrator and photographer based in Kingston, Jamaica. His illustration work includes designs for children’s books, novel covers, etc. He particularly enjoys concept art, which includes character design, as well as storyboarding for TV ads and productions. In his spare time, he returns to his first love, and his introduction into the world of art and photography, which is creating pencil portraits.

When Cargill was 16, a photographer friend introduced him to the art of photography. He was already a pencil portraitist with an art background, so photography seemed to develop as a natural extension to his talents.

When he won the CXC Caribbean award for art in 2001, which was his first major award, it demonstrated to him that the visual arts was a worthy pursuit, despite society’s cues to the contrary. This award gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue an artistic career, and confidence to grow as an artist.

aeroncargill rex

In early 2009 he decided to take his talents in illustration and photography to a professional level. Today, his technique has moved completely over to the digital realm as he uses painting software and a stylus and tablet setup. All his work still starts life in a sketch book and then is translated and completed on the computer. He now prefers digital painting due to the advantages of speed and the freedom to mix effects of traditional mediums over each other in a way not possible in traditional physical counterparts, plus the ability to edit so that changes can easily be made.

To date, Cargill’s work has been published by six publishers, one of which has three books on Amazon which feature Cargill’s illustrations.

aeroncargill illustration

Aeron Cargill Illustration

On the photography side, Cargill takes pleasure in crafting a memorable image and contributing to the history of a person’s life. He considers the technical aspect as being secondary to the knowledge of connecting with another person, and creating an image that both tells a story and gives a glimpse of the inner person. He also takes pride in pleasing his clients with attractive photos achieved through his efforts.aeroncargill bianca

In the long term, Cargill’s aim is to achieve a more cinematic look to his photography. He hopes to develop a more moody and emotional style, be it romantic, pensive, or even epic. In terms of his illustration he hopes to explore more experimental ways of rendering his muses and possibly cement a definitive trademark style.

While he has traditionally used a great deal of realism in his illustrative work, his aim is to introduce textures and patterns to achieve a more ornate look. He also hopes to use advanced techniques to fuse his photography and illustration skills together.

Cargill’s work can be found at his website at

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I was born and raised on the rock, that is, my awesome island home, Jamaica. I currently reside in the cool hills of Mandeville, where I spend my time writing fiction, blogging, and hanging out with my husband and three children who keep me laughing every day.

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  1. Thalia in Jamaica

    Had to go straight to his site.. Just finished looking at his illustrations for the children’s chess book. stunning work… Looking forward to the next feature, Theresa!!

  2. Excellent stuff

  3. Beverley Gallimore

    I think the portrait of Rex Nettleford is absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing it. I have shared it with people I know will have a true appreciation for its beauty. Beverley Gallimore

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