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More Love, Less Fear – a Jamaican author’s powerful story of his journey of love

Robert Lee contacted me some weeks ago asking if I would read, and write a review of his book, More Love, Less Fear. It has been an amazing, emotional experience. Robert’s story is such a personal one that I feel honoured that he has shared it with me. From the first paragraph, Robert begins to confide in you as though you are his closest friend, and from that moment, there is no turning back. The book must be read. The story must unfold.

This is a first-person account of Robert and his wife’s life as they go through the experience of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease.) that eventually claims his wife, Theresa. But it is about more that the sickness. It is really a story about wringing every bit of life out of life that you can. It is about reaching for and choosing to love in a way that is stronger and greater and more determined than you ever thought possible.

The road that Robert and Terri walked was one that no-one would envy. What do you do when you discover that your beloved wife’s body is going to waste away slowly before your eyes? What do you do when you have to face your own death? What do they do? They live. They love. They fight through depression and frustration, anger and despair, and emerge into a place of love and peace and yes, even happiness.

The book moves quickly, with not a boring spot in sight. Robert tells his story with humour and sincerity. Jamaicans will appreciate references to familiar places and people, and may be intrigued to discover that Robert’s wife, Theresa, was the founder of the famed Wassi Art Pottery Gallery. But this is a story for everyone. As you pause at the end of a chapter, you feel as though you have been reminded of some powerful truth that you had forgotten. And as you let it sink in Robert provides a quote that puts everything you just absorbed into words that cut straight through to your heart.

This is a book that will remind you of how much stronger and better you can be. It will tell you that when life throws you the worst there is, there is an alternative to bitterness and resentment. You can be battered down and stripped bare, but not even death can beat you if your weapon is love.

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. —Bernice Johnson Reagon” … (qtd in More Love, Less Fear, Lee, 46)

This is an emotional ride. I can not properly describe this incredible journey. You must let Robert do that himself. You can find More Love, Less Fear on amazon:


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