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My Tribute to Uncle Ray

It has been almost a month since Uncle Ray passed away and even now, I find it difficult to put my thoughts and feelings into words.

Uncle Ray was one of the first persons to find this blog and post a congratulatory message. He always made me feel that I was special to him. He was a man who was small in stature but larger than life, overflowing with warmth, love and generosity. A dynamo who was always on the go, filled to the brim with ideas and plans and dreams. His ability to engage people where they were allowed him to capture those iconic photographs for which he is known, as people from all walks of life responded to his down-to-earth personality. He was a man who could walk with beggars and kings. So great was his love for Jamaica that he dedicated his life to capturing images of its splendour, its heartbeat – each photo a memory, a treasure, a moment in time.

His gift to the world is immeasurable and he will be missed.

Wan luv, Uncle Ray. Walk good.

Service of Thanksgiving will be held at Stella Maris Church, 62 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8, on Saturday March 12 at 10:30am. In lieu of flowers, a donation in aid of the Chinese cemetery will be taken. 

Link to photos of his book launch in 2015 : Tiffany Lue Yen

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