Jamaicans say “If I don’t laugh, I must cry.” Life here is sweet and sour, hilarious and challenging. This is my little blog about life in JA.


WELCOME. I have BIG plans for My Jamaican Life. But I need lots and lots of participation and feedback from you to make it as useful and positive as I envision.

In MY BLOG POSTS, I will be writing opinion pieces on just about anything imaginable. I hope that you will read them and Laugh with me, Cry with me, and Be Inspired.

MY FICTION consists of short fictional pieces that I might share from time to time.

In the BUY JAMAICAN category, I intend to feature micro and small businesses owners who are working hard to make a positive contribution and to uphold BRAND JAMAICA. I will be willing to feature persons based both in and out of Jamaica. Specifically, I want to feature those who may not have a particularly high profile. I need your help to find these persons. So if that sounds like you, or if you know of someone like that, please leave me a message.

The BIG UP LIST is also highly dependent on you. If there’s someone who has given you excellent service, is honest, and charges a fair price, this is the place to Big Them Up. I’m looking for skilled workmen, mechanics, plumbers, contracters, tilers and the like.

Julio Young

In the CHARITIES section, once again, I need lots of input. I’d like to feature worthy Jamaican charities and the good work they’re doing, as well as what you can do to help. I need your recommendations here as well.

As you can see, I can not do this without your participation. So please help so we can build My Jamaican Life together.

What do you think about this post?

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