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Me neva did know

Me neva did know
Seh me neva born yah
Inna me homeland

Me neva did know
Till you call out to me
Seh me fe feel shame
Ah me ancestry

Ching Chong Chiney gyal
Gwaan back to China
Afta me neva go China yet
How me fe go back

Me neva did know
Seh just cause me deh
Back a one shop
Counting change

An’ me mama and papa
Talk two different tongue
Dat me was different from you
Dat me neva belong

Me neva did know

True you seh me too rich
An me hair too sof’
An me eat too much rice
An how Chiney eat dawg

Afta me neva eat no dawg yet

Ah stew chicken me love
An’ escoveitch fish
And stew peas an rice

But me neva did know
Seh me nuh fe feel pain
Cause me is a child of privilege
An’ fi you great gran mumma was a slave

An a only yuh get di right fi complain

True me neva did know
Seh out of one people
Neva really mean me

True me neva know

But don’t mind you hear
Cause me naw insult you back
Me naw seh “Go back a Africa
True you black.”

Me just shut me mout’ tight
An smile all ‘roun
Cause me know seh me born right yah so
Inna Kingston town.


I’m told that to be a good writer, you need to cut your heart out and bleed onto the page. I think this qualifies.

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